Governor Boying celebrates birthday with constituents

The locals and public officials of the municipalities of Amadeo, Indang, Tanza and Trece Martires City welcomed Governor Boying Remulla on March 31, 2019 to their towns as they expressed their warm birthday greetings to the father of the province who humbly celebrated with his constituents. In Amadeo, Saint Mary Magdalene Parish priest Fr. Chavs led the holy mass, where the people gathered for prayers of safety and good health for Governor Remulla, as well as for hopes of a peaceful 2019 local elections. The governor visited the four towns and thanked the people for wishing him well on his birthday. He also thanked other guests including his brother Governor Jonvic Remulla, his son Indang Municipal Councilor Ping Remulla, the team of Tanza Mayor Yuri Pacumio, Amadeo Mayor Rading Viado, Sangguniang Bayan members and former Administrator for Community Affairs Engr. Redel John Dionisio.