Anti-VAWC (Violence Against Women and Their Children) Laws

Last March 2020, our International Women’s Month celebration was unexpectedly interrupted. Despite this, we know that every day is a celebration of women, their strength, and their freedom.
We celebrate women working hard in their respective fields— the frontliners who work to ensure the safety and security of others, especially in these trying times; the workers and the professionals who support themselves and their loved ones; those in government and non-government service, who make sacrifices that they may serve the nation; and those who choose to stay at home to care for their families.
We celebrate the strength of women by birth and by choice who are survivors of violence and exploitation, the women who have courageously fought and spoken up for all women who have experienced the same abuse. Moreover, we stand with those who are still trapped and struggling, who face these terrors every day, especially during this quarantine. We stand against all types of physical, emotional, and psychological domestic and child abuse.
We celebrate the freedom of women in their day to day lives— to decide for themselves their circumstances, their futures, and what empowers them; to decide what to wear, what profession to take, and how they choose to express themselves—as we fight for a future in which this freedom is experienced by all.
We in Sibabay believe that every month is women’s month. As the united front of women’s and advocacy organizations in the UP College of Law, we continue to work towards equality among all genders and the eradication of all discrimination and gender-based violence. In this light, we are launching an anti-VAWC campaign, especially due to increased cases of domestic violence in the time of COVID.
Brought to you by: The UP Law Student Government, The UP Portia Sorority, The UP Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority, UP Women in Law, and The National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers – UP Chapter
Co-presented by: The UP Outlaws