Balay Dako

In Negrense, Balay Dako means Big House.

At one time, family compounds were built around a large central home. This Balay Dako became the gathering place. It was where family and friends would come together to commemorate life’s significant events. Baptisms, birthdays and weddings and even funerals became occasions for remembrance, celebration and more importantly, family.

Balay Dako is a restaurant that proudly serves Filipino food. From native dishes created before written histories, to inspirations fashioned by seafaring traders and the assimilations shaped by colonial occupation, Filipino cuisine is defined by struggle and acceptance, upheaval and adaptation.

We celebrate every Filipino’s shared sense of family and history with every dish that we serve.

Welcome to Balay Dako.


Location: Brgy. Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City
Cuisine: Filipino
Telephone Number: (046) 483-4847

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