City of General Trias

Income Classification: 1st Class
Congressional District: 6th District
No. of Barangays: 33
Land Area: 81.46 sq. km.
Population (NSO, May 1, 2010): 243,322
Registered Voters (COMELEC, January 2016): 138,484
Mayor: Antonio A. Ferrer
Vice-Mayor: Maurito C. Sison
Kerby J. Salazar
Jonas Glyn P. Labuguen
Gary A. Grepo
Jowie S. Carampot
Mario C. Amante
Walter C. Martinez
Christopher N. Custodio
Florencio D. Ayos
Vivencio Q. Lozares Jr.
Hernando Granados
LNB President: Constancia Felizardo
Address: City Hall, City of Gen. Trias
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Phone: (046) 509-1250
Fax: (046) 509-1250
Serbisyo 24/7 Hotline #: (0922)-888-GEN3
Email Address:

City of General Trias is a first – class component city in the province of Cavite, Philippines.  Through Republic Act 10675, a plebiscite was held in December 12, 2015 with majority of its residents voting yes to cityhood, thus converting the municipality into a city, in time for its 267th charter anniversary. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 243,322 people in a land area of 81.46 square kilometers.

Historical Background

Originally named after its Patron Saint, Francis of Assisi, 1181-1226, General Trias was founded in December 13, 1748. The original name of the town was changed to General Trias in honor of Gen. Mariano Trias (1868-1914), by virtue of a law fathered by Emilio P. Virata during his term as representative of Cavite, 1919-1921.

The name Malabon was derived from either Labong (bamboo shoot) or mayabong (luxuriant), referring to the trees and other plants abounding the place. At any rate, the first reference seems to be more probable than the second because General Trias, a noted writer, adopted the “nom de guerre” “Labong”, a word which he often used in his writings and conversations.

The old town of San Francisco de Malabon used to be a big municipality comprising its present area plus Sta. Cruz de  Malabon or Malabon el chico (now known as Tanza), and Rosario (formerly known as Tejeros), and often time called by revolutionary named Salinas. This vast area was within the Hacienda de San Francisco owned by the friars but was purchased on June 14, 1788 by Doña Isabel Gomez de Cariaga. Gen. Trias became a city in 2015 through Republic Act. No. 10675.

Geographic Location

The City of Gen. Trias is situated at the northern part of the province and is located 14°23′ latitude and 121°53′ longitude. The distance from the Provincial Capitol in Trece Martires City is 18.27 km. and 35 kms. Southwest of Manila. The land shape of General Trias follows the path of its territorial boundaries in the eastern and western section, which is the river. It is bounded in the north by Noveleta; in the northeast by Imus and Kawit; in the east by Dasmariñas; in the southeast by Silang; in the south by Amadeo; in the west by Tanza; Rosario in the northwest and Indang in the southwest.

Major Income Sources
Industry, Services
Tourist Destinations

  • St. Francis of Assisi Parish
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
  • GBR Museum
  • Eagle Ridge Golf and Residential Estate
  • La Traviesa Hotel Resort and Garden

Special Events / Festivals

  • Gen. Trias Foundation Day
  • Feast of St. Francis of Assisi (City Fiesta)

Data Source: DILG CaLaBaRZon LGUs