Municipality of Maragondon

Income Classification: 3rd Class
Congressional District: 8th District
No. of Barangays: 27
Land Area: 16,549 has.
Population (NSO, May 1, 2010): 35,289
Registered Voters (COMELEC, December 2015): 26,508
Mayor: Reynaldo A. Rillo
Vice-Mayor: Ireneo C. Angeles
Lawrence NJ. Arca
Reciel P. Diño
Reagan E. Gulapa
Angelito S. Angeles
Danilo A. Angeles
Alexander V. Villanueva
Joel A. Perio
Joel D. Angue
LNB President: Alberto C. Malimban
Address: Municipal Hall, Maragondon, Cavite
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Phone: (046)412-1675
Fax: (046) 412-0590
Email Address:

The name “MARAGONDON” was derived from Tagalog word “madagundong or maugong” meaning “much sound”. It is an upland municipality and predominantly mountainous. Known mountain ranges with tourist potentials situated in this Municipality are Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Palay Palay, Mt. Hulog, Mt. Mataas na Gulong, Mt. Nagpatong and Mt. Buntis.

Maragondon’s economy, being an agricultural town largely depends on farming. It has rich agricultural area because of slight advantage of having phosphorous soil compared to the other municipalities.

Tourism makes its way to history. The house here Bonifacio brothers were court-martialled still speaks of its historic past in spite of the major facelift that has ruefully masked its patina of age. Fishing resources in Maragondon’s Fish Sanctuary are about to make investments in the municipality. The main concern of the economic sector is to developed its human and physical resources, expanded agricultural production, enhanced tourism development and increase employment and income opportunities. The social sector aims to improved health services, housing facilities and education. The infrastructure sector aims for a more productive and expanded infrastructure support to production. All of these shall be the achievement of increased efficiency of local institutions through the strengthening of local capability.

The achievement of these would be through the implementation of various programs and projects. One of the most important program is the agricultural program which encompasses intensified agricultural production, enhancement of the tourism potential and light industrial capabilities of the Municipality.

Historical Background

The Municipality of Maragondon has three (3) foundation dates namely: (1) 1644, when Franciscan Fathers from Silang established their first visita or chapel, (2) 1690, the “Fundacion Ecclesiastica”, founding of the regular parish by the Jesuits dedicating it to Our Lady of the Assumption and (3) 1727, the “Fundacion Civil”, when the original barrio of Maragondon was separated from Silang during the administration of the Recollects and converted into an independent municipality.

Maragondon is the biggest town in the whole province of Cavite with a total land area of 16,549 hectares.It produces abundant supply of bamboo. It is about 479,470 hectares (2.9%) of the 16,549 hectares of Maragondon land is devoted to bamboo product. Thus, bamboo is considered as  their best product.

Maragondon was recognized for having one of the twenty-six (26) oldest church in the Philippines, the 384 years old Nuestra Senora dela Asuncion (Our Lady of the Assumption) Parish Church located in Barangay Poblacion 1A which still has its baroque altar and pulpit and other old parts preserved.

Geographic Location

Maragondon is 54 kilometers south of Metro Manila and lies at the western part of the province of Cavite. The Municipality is an upland town of Cavite located at the western part of the province at approximately 120-degree 40.4-minute east longitude 120% and 140-degree 10.6 minute north latitude. It is situated along the foothills of the mountain ranges bordering the provinces of Cavite and Batangas and is bounded to the north by Naic and Indang, to the south by Nasugbu, Batangas to the west by Ternate, to the east by Gen. Aguinaldo and Alfonso and to the southeast by Magallanes. Corregidor Island located on the northwest of Maragondon is about 15 kilometers from the nearest coast of Maragondon. Travel between Maragondon and Metro Manila is approximately 54 km and 17 km to Trece Martirez City.

Major Income Sources
Tourist Destinations

  • Pico de loro
  • Bonifacio’s Shrine and Trial House
  • Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church
  • Mount Palaypalay / Mataas na Gulod
  • Old Houses
  • Carabao Island
  • Limbones Cove

Special Events / Festivals

  • Maragondon Day cum Alay Lakad (every 7th day of September)
  • Procopio and Andres  Bonifacio’s Death Anniversary (every 10th day of May)
  • Maragondon Town Fiesta ( August 14 and 15)

Data Source: DILG CaLaBaRZon LGUs