Municipality of Mendez-Nuñez

Income Classification: 4th Class
Congressional District: 8th District
No. of Barangays: 24
Land Area: 1,670 has.
Population (NSO, May 1, 2010): 28,570
Registered Voters (COMELEC, January 2016): 20,285
Mayor: Fredderick A. Vida
Vice-Mayor: Francisco T. Mendoza, Jr.
Raygan N. Dimapilis
Ronnie A. Rocillo
Ronald Rhey E. Perey
Perfecto E. Maraan
Danilo P. Noveno
Noel G. Nolasco
Carmelita A. Bay
Redentor C. Bobadilla
LNB President: Venancio G. Vicedo
Address: Municipal Hall, Barangay Poblacion 2, Mendez-Nuñez, Cavite
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Phone: (046) 413-0601
Fax: (046) 413-0601
Email Address:
Historical Background

The town of Mendez-Nuñez was originally known as Gahitan, one of the many barrios of Indang. The name Gahitan was derived from the word “gahit” meaning to cut. People then had to cut down tall and thick cogon grass that abounded in the place in order to clear areas for agricultural and residential purposes.

Among the early settlers of Gahitan were the migrants from the barrio of Kayquit, Indang. These pioneers scattered themselves widely within the sections known then as Pulong Malaki, Imus, Tabluan and others. It is claimed that the first families who composed the first group of settlers were: Aure’s, Alegre’s, Dimaranan’s, Rozul’s, Esguerra’s and the Romera’s. From these families stemmed the present generation of Mendezeños.

As the number of families increased, there arose a need to set-up a separate unit of government due to difficulties encountered in managing political affairs. Under these circumstances a petition was sent to the Military Governor General asking that Gahitan be weaned from its mother town Indang and subsequently, be created as an independent municipality.

Two years after the Cavite Revolt in 1872, prominent men of Barrio Gahitan requested the “Gobernador Politico Militar de Cavite” for the separation of the barrios of Gahitan, Anuling and Palocpoc from Indang.

The incorporation of Gahitan, Anuling and Palocpoc on 06 Septiembre 1875 gave birth to the now MUNICIPALITY OF MENDEZ-NUÑEZ through the “DECRETO SUPERIOR DE GOBIERNO DE ESTAS ISLAS”. The new town was named after Spanish General Mendez-Nuñez. The gobernadorcillo in-charge of the town named and appointed PEDRO AURE as the Capitan Municipal.   Seven more captains serviced before the outbreak of the Revolution in 1896.

Other Municipal Presidents who were appointed were Cayetano Aure who served during the American Regime succeeded by Marcelino Aure who was popularly known as “Alapaap”. All Municipal Presidents appointed served without compensation.

With the inception of the American system of government in 1903, the political controversies among the town of Mendez-Nuñez, Bailen and Alfonso who used to function under one Municipal President was resolved and eventually ended the 25 years self-rule of Mendez-Nuñez.

In 1909, the town of Mendez-Nuñez achieved a stable economy enabling it to subsidize a separate government operation. By 1915, Mendez-Nuñez attained the status of complete independence as a municipality. Agustin Dimaranan was the first Municipal President of Mendez-Nuñez in this regime.

Geographic Location

The Municipality of Mendez-Nuñez is one of the upland towns in Cavite situated at the southern part of the Province at 1200 05’ longtitude and 14008’ latitude. It is easily reached through the Coastal Road or the General Emilio Aguinaldo Boulevard. It is 19 km. from the Provincial Capitol – Trece Martires City and 66 km. from Manila.

Major Income Sources
Tourist Destinations
  • Paradizoo at Panungyan
  • Yoki Farm at Palocpoc 1
  • Sintang Lupa at Asis 1
  • Wilson’s Place at Anuling Lejos 2
Special Events / Festivals
  • Town Fiesta (May 5)
  • Feast of Saint Augustine (August 28)
  • Sinagingan Festival (May 15)

Data Source: DILG CaLaBaRZon LGUs