Provincial Planning and Development Office

Duties and Functions

Formulates, coordinates, monitors and evaluates economic, social and infrastructure development plans, and programs in conformance with the provincial policies and goals.

This office thru the Plans and Program division drafts program and projects, or priority infrastructure, economic and social sectors of development and conducts studies and recommends solutions to problems thereto; maintain liaison/ coordination with both public and private sectors development plans and programs; recommends changes in program objectives and operations to provide balance effectiveness.

Plans and monitors special development projects of the province; conducts studies and recommends solutions to problems encountered thereto; recommends changes in programs objectives and operations; conducts continuing studies, researches and relevant training necessary, evaluate plans and programs for implementation.

Plans and coordinates researches on infrastructure, economic and social sectors of development; conducts continuing analysis and evaluation of reports, data and monitors problems encountered; formulates and coordinates research programs for improving methods and techniques for collecting, processing, presenting and analyzing statistical data; prepares statistical charts and graphs.

Acts as the lead agency in the implementation of Information Technology (IT) and other convergence effort on IT in the province;

Leads in the formulation, development and implementation of a Province-wide Information Technology Plan, which is integrated to the Provincial Comprehensive Development Plan and Corporate Plan consistent with the national IT plan and relevant laws and policies;

Formulates, develops and implements customer-oriented programs, projects and applications that will increase government productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.


Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator
Provincial Planning and Development Office
2/F Provincial Capitol Building
Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1469