Provincial Offices

Duties and Functions
   The governor exercises control, supervision and management and/or coordination of provincial and national agencies on programs relating to general administration, finance, infrastructure, economics and social development, adjudication, protective services and political matters.
Provincial Governor
Provincial Capitol Compound
Provincial Capitol Building
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1919

Duties and Functions
  • Provides required administrative services of the office.
  • Drafts resolution and ordinances for the approval of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.
  • Conducts necessary legal research or matters affecting the resolution/ordinances to be enacted by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.
  • Reviews all ordinances approved by the Sanggunians of component cities and municipalities and executive orders issued by the Mayors of said component units to determine whether these are within the scope of the prescribed powers of the Sanggunian and of the Mayors.
  • Keeps and maintains all ordinances, resolutions enacted or adopted by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.
Provincial Vice Governor
2/F Legislative Building Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-0217

Duties and Functions
   Coordinate the work of all the officials of the LGU under the supervision, direction and control of the provincial governor. It is mandated to be in the frontline of the delivery of administrative support services, particularly those related to situations during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters and calamities.

Provincial Administrator - Internal Affairs
Tel. No. (046) 419-1919 loc. 129Engr. EFREN C. NAZARENO
Provincial Administrator - External AffairsMr. REDEL JOHN B. DIONISIO
Provincial Administrator - Community Affairs

Provincial Capitol Building
Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City

   To effectively respond to the needs and challenges of good governance through faithful adherence to the tenets of responsibility, honesty, integrity and transparency in fiduciary/financial affairs.
   To help create and maintain a free and just society of achieving Caviteños who will enjoy the benefits of development and progress via efficient and effective administration of the provincial government’s fiscal affairs.
Functional Statement
    As one of the departments of the local government units performing duties and functions which are vital to its continued existence , the Office of the Provincial Treasurer endeavors to promote and maintain efficiency and effectiveness in providing the needed funds to sustain its operations, deliver basic services , meet financial obligations and promote its overall growth and development, all of which ultimately redound to the benefit of the people.
   Towards this end, it sees to it that all taxes, fees, allotment funds and other revenues due to it from various sources are efficiently collected, received, duly receipted and recorded and deposited on its depository bank.
   Corollary to this, it also ensures that whatever monies, funds or properties which may have come into its possession and control and within its power of disposal shall be paid out, disbursed to applied to items covered by appropriate legislative enactments or resolutions and done in accordance with the established accounting and auditing procedures.
   It also seeks to promote the highest degree or personnel efficiency, honesty, integrity and responsibility in accordance with the Constitution and the Code of Conduct of Public Officer and Employees thus making it a part of the larger government institution dedicated and committed to the service of the people within its territorial jurisdiction.
  • To make the province financially self reliant and stable thru the income potentialities of real property taxes and revenues which are the mainstay and lifeblood of the local government unit making taxes and revenues the solid foundation of sound provincial administration.
  • To maintain its effectiveness and efficiency in the collection of revenues from sources covered and allowed by law.
  • To serve as keeper of all funds and properties due the province and to protect such funds and properties from misappropriations and acts of malversation.
  • To set a good example to all LGUs in its efficient administration of funds and properties.
  • To help other LGUs attain their desired goals leading to a more independent and viable local government units.
  • To act as the province’s conduit in all financial transactions whether government or private in nature.
  • To actively participate in the government program and services which aim to improve the socio-economic condition of the people especially the under privileged.
Provincial Treasurer
Finance Building
Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-3390 to 92 loc. 124, 138, 176, 193 / (046)419-0992

Duties and Functions
  • Conducts periodic assessment audit.
  • Reviews existing assessment procedures, techniques and policies, and all tax declarations.
  • Prepares certified copies of assessment records and other relative documents.
  • Conducts field inspections/physical surveys to check and determine whether all real properties are properly appraised and assigns property index number (PIN) to each property.
  • Coordinates and monitors real property assessment activities of Municipal/City Assessor.
Provincial Assessor
Finance Building
Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-3390 to 92 loc. 121, 171 and 188 / (046) 419-1449

Duties and Functions
  • Prepares and submits monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements of the province to the Governor, Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Commission on Audit, Department of Finance and other national government agencies concerned.
  • Takes charge of analyzing, recording, clarifying, summarizing and communicating all transactions involving the recent disposition of government funds and property, and interpreting the results thereof. It aims to provide information covering past operations and present conditions; provide a basis for guidance for future operations.
  • Provides for control of the acts of public bodies and officers in the receipt, disposition and utilization of funds and property, and report on the financial position, and the results of operation of government agencies for the information of all persons concerned.
Provincial Accountant
Finance Building
Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-3390 to 92 loc. 179, 177 and 191 / (046) 419-0695

   The Provincial Budget Office, as provided for in Section 475 of the Local Government Code of 1991, is mandated to provide the delivery of basic services relative to local budget administration including budget processes and policies, directions and priorities governing effective fiscal discipline, proper allocation and mobilization of available resources and effective management of public expenditures.
   To be a proactive development partner/advocate of the economic and financial management team of the Provincial Government in the effective allocation and management of public resources and expenditures towards achieving its pursuit for fiscal strength and good governance.
We, at the Provincial Budget Office, are committed to:
  • Promote, implement and strengthen public expenditure management policies and directions that are sustainable and supportive to the vision, program thrusts and development goals of the Provincial Government;
  • Adhere and uphold to the principles of professionalism, competence, integrity, creativity, impartiality, leadership, excellence, dedication, client-responsiveness result-orientation and pro-activeness among our personnel;
  • Advocate policies and directives that ensure efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability in public spending.
  • The Provincial Budget Office aims to pursue the following strategic objectives relative to fiscal management, drawing from and consistent with the objectives, thrusts and policies provided for in the Provincial Development Plan (PDP), the Local Development Investment Plan (LDIP) of the Province of Cavite, to wit:
  • Fiscal Sustainability – to ensure that the provincial government as a whole “lives within its means”, keeping expenditures within budget ceilings and keeping variances between budget estimates and actual obligations as low as possible.
  • Effective Resource Allocation – to ensure that public resources are being put into their most productive and beneficial uses, translating development priorities into sectoral and functional budgetary allocations.
  • Efficient Government Operations – to ensure full transparency of spending policies and that quality government goods and services are delivered on time and at the least cost.
MISSION (What PBO wants to become)
   We, at the Provincial Budget Office, are committed to adhere and uphold to the PRINCIPLED core values of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), in consistency with the Implementing Rules specified in the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, provided for in Republic Act No. 6713, to wit:
  • Professionalism – through dedicated public service, conduct of official functions and duties in a prompt and timely manner and with due regard to the needs and expectations of the clients, the government, and the people at large.
  • Results-Orientation – through commitment to performance and delivery of positive impact and results.
  • Integrity – through adherence to the highest ethical standards of honesty, probity and sense of responsibility, and to the established codes of conduct, rules and regulations guiding the Provincial Government.
  • Nationalism – through upholding and promoting Philippine national interests within a modern and global environment.
  • Creativity – through constant self-improvement, initiative and resourcefulness in developing and adopting new policies, procedures, rules or methods in budget and management.
  • Impartiality – through objective, fair and consistent conduct and actions.
  • Partnership – through cooperation and teamwork, both among units within the provincial government and with the external stakeholders and clients, towards the attainment of shared and common goals.
  • Leadership – through taking the initiative in instituting reforms and inspiring others to win them.
  • Excellence – through upholding the value of competence and striving for mastery in all areas of responsibilities and through diligence and pride in the quality of one’s work.
  • Dedication – through selfless devotion to PBO’s vision, mission and goals in the day-to-day performance of one’s functions.
Provincial Budget Officer
Finance Building
Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-3390 to 92 loc. 143, 173 and 187 / (046) 419-3241
e-mail: /

Duties and Functions
   Formulates, coordinates, monitors and evaluates economic, social and infrastructure development plans, and programs in conformance with the provincial policies and goals.
   This office thru the Plans and Program division drafts program and projects, or priority infrastructure, economic and social sectors of development and conducts studies and recommends solutions to problems thereto; maintain liaison/ coordination with both public and private sectors development plans and programs; recommends changes in program objectives and operations to provide balance effectiveness.
   Plans and monitors special development projects of the province; conducts studies and recommends solutions to problems encountered thereto; recommends changes in programs objectives and operations; conducts continuing studies, researches and relevant training necessary, evaluate plans and programs for implementation.
   Plans and coordinates researches on infrastructure, economic and social sectors of development; conducts continuing analysis and evaluation of reports, data and monitors problems encountered; formulates and coordinates research programs for improving methods and techniques for collecting, processing, presenting and analyzing statistical data; prepares statistical charts and graphs.
   Acts as the lead agency in the implementation of Information Technology (IT) and other convergence effort on IT in the province;
   Leads in the formulation, development and implementation of a Province-wide Information Technology Plan, which is integrated to the Provincial Comprehensive Development Plan and Corporate Plan consistent with the national IT plan and relevant laws and policies;
   Formulates, develops and implements customer-oriented programs, projects and applications that will increase government productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.
Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator
2/F Provincial Capitol Building
Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1919 loc. 112 / (046) 419-1469

By 2016, the operation of the Provincial Government of Cavite shall be full-automated and centralized.
To provide fast, accurate, quality public service and timely information.
   PICTO acts as the lead agency in the evaluation and implementation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and other convergence on ICT in the province. The office also handles the network and hardware administration and maintenance which provide technical support within and outside the Provincial Government. It also provides free and quality computer education on basic and advance computer and information technology courses for all Caviteños most particularly the out-of-school youths.
Four Divisions

   In charge of handling the administrative works of the IT Division. Provides support on record and services relating to personnel, staff development, management of supplies & equipment, receiving and control of requisition forms, official letters and communications.


   Evaluates and monitors the implementation of the different computerized systems in the Provincial Government. It is responsible in application software maintenance, customization of existing system, development of new system based on the need of the requesting office and data build-up of offices being computerized. It is also responsible in research, development and maintenance of the Cavite’s official website (


   The division handles the maintenance of ICT Software and Equipment and administration and maintenance of LAN connection and server. It is also responsible in providing appropriate specification in the acquisition of information and communications technology equipment.


   As an integral part of Department of Education Alternative Learning System – Non Formal Studies, the division provides free and quality computer education on basic and advance computer and information technology courses for all Caviteños most particularly the out-of-school youths and those in the marginal sector of society. Plans, develops and administers programs and policies for Cavite Computer Center (CCC).
Department Head
2/F Provincial Capitol Building
Povincial Capitol Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-0157

Duties and Functions
   This office is responsible for the promotion and protection of the health of the people of the province and the maintenance of sanitary condition therein. This tasks is being carried out in the Health Units composing of Municipal Health Physician, Public Health Nurses, Midwives and Sanitary Inspectors. Their activities include Morbidity Clinic, Pre-natal Clinic, Well-baby Clinic, TB Control Project, Nutrition Activities Environmental Sanitation Program, Immunization Campaign and Rural Health Practice Program.
   The Administrative Services Plan supervises and coordinates all administrative function in the office and does related works; undertakes the preparation of plantilla and other related matters; performs clerical services and trains office personnel; prepares certified public records, leave and other personnel actions; prepares appointment of regular and emergency employees. It also supervises the procurement of medicines, supplies, materials and equipments including custody and issuances thereof; Insuring items received are properly stored in assigned locations in accordance with established storage techniques and procedures; Undertakes clerical services, records and files correspondence, and follows-up official papers; prepares statistical displays such as graphs, charts and data information needed in the office and responsible for preparing audio-visual materials for various health program.
   This office is responsible for the implementation of health programs for the municipalities and effective administration of the rural health units and inter-agency relations. It is also responsible for using aspects of the community health programs, providing delivery of the first level and giving direct care to normal child bearing women during pregnancy and giving immunization to children. It prepares birth and death certificates and is responsible for monitoring the cleanliness and orderliness of clinics. It plans, assigns, carries out and directs a program for environmental sanitation consistent with existing laws, rules, regulations and policies; It performs laboratory examinations such as sputum, urinalysis, stool, malaria smear and others as maybe required; It collects laboratory specimen and prepares solutions for laboratory examinations; records and files laboratory reports. It is responsible for the implementation and supervision of nutrition programs; handles the training of health personnel and others in the implementation of operation; It supervises supplementary feeding centers and mother craft feeding; Coordinates with other agencies working on nutrition program.
Dr. George R. Repique Jr.
Provincial Health Officer
Provincial Health Office
General Emilio Aguinaldo Hospital
Barangay Luciano Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-0123
e-mail: /

Duties and Functions
   This office is responsible for the delivery of basic agricultural services to its constituents. It develops plans and strategies, and upon approval thereof of the governor, to implement the same, particularly those which the governor is empowered to implement and which the Sanggunian is empowered to provide for the under the code; it also coordinates with government agencies and non-government organization which promote agricultural productivity through appropriate technology compatible with environmental integrity. It also insures that maximum assistance and access to resources in the production, marketing, processing of agricultural and agro-cultural and marine products are extended to farming and fishing families.
   This office is responsible for the preparation of agricultural plans, programs and strategies that will be implemented in the province in collaboration with the city/municipal agricultural offices and other concerned offices.
   It is also responsible for the organizing and/or strengthening of farm-based non-government organizations such as farmers’ association, fisherman;s organization, rural improvement club, 4-H clubs and the provision of technical assistance and livelihood opportunities to these groups.
   It is in-charged with providing the office’s clientele with other various technical supports through the implementation of special projects through the operationalization of Tissue Culture Laboratory, Cavite Integrated Demo Center, Provincial Nursery, Plant Pest Clinic and Soil Laboratory and Agricultural Library.
   This office is also responsible for establishing institutional linkages and networks with LGUs, government agencies and non-government organizations to ensure that complementing support and assistance are provided to the clients.
OIC-Provincial Agriculturist
Provincial Capitol Compound,
OPA Compound 
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 413-2503

   To attain prosperity in livestock and poultry industries, stability in supply and quality of products to sustain global competitiveness and market value.
   The Office of the Provincial Veterinarians paramount objective is to formulate policies, plans and programs, disseminate information technology, monitor, evaluate livestock/poultry projects as well as to provide technical assistance and adequate support services to accelerate the development of the livestock and poultry industries.
Duties and Functions
  • Develop plans and strategies on veterinary-related activities and implement them upon approval thereof by the governor;
  • Advise the governor on all matters pertaining to the slaughter of animals for human consumption and the regulation of slaughterhouses;
  • Regulate the keeping of domestic animals;
  • Regulate and inspect poultry, milk and dairy products for public consumption;
  • Enforce all laws and regulations for the prevention of cruelty to animals;
  • Take necessary measures to eradicate, prevent, or cure all forms of animal diseases;
  • Be in the frontline of veterinary related activities, such as in situations resulting in the depletion of animals for work and human consumption, particularly those arising from the after-math of man-made and natural calamities and disasters.
  • Promote animal health and welfare.
  • Adopt measures that would prevent entry of exotic communicable animal disease.
  • Prevent, control contamination and eradication of communicable animal diseases.
  • Institute quarantine inspection system to inter-provincial movement of animals.
  • Establish workable disease investigation, surveillance reporting and appraisal on animal disease intelligence network.
  • Carry regulatory function through registration, inspection and monitoring of local as well as imported veterinary biologicals, poultry feed supplies and animal and meat products handlers.
  • Collect, monitor, analyze and disseminate information on livestock, poultry, eggs, animal products and by-products campaign for the establishment of livestock auction market and slaughterhouse.
  • Supervision and inspection of all existing slaughterhouse and dressing plants in the province. Assist in the establishment and accreditation of slaughterhouses.
  • Campaign for the establishment of Tubular Poly-ethylene Digester (TPED) a low-cost Biogas system adopted by livestock raisers.
  • Extend services for technical assistance in the organization of livestock and poultry farmer cooperative. Sources of funding assistance will also be adopted.
  • Establish operation and maintenance of government Breeding Station and Artificial Breeding Center for the farmers and livestock raisers and serve as a venue for the development of superior genetic stocks.
  • Production and collection of semen for use in livestock and poultry.
  • Develop and establish improved pasture.
  • Provide technical assistance in the implementation of program in livestock and poultry production.
Provincial Veterinarian
Provincial Capitol Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (+63 46) 419-2008
e-mail: /

   To live in a province of robust industrial and agricultural growth through comprehensive infrastructure projects.
   To successfully implement infrastructure projects that serve the people of CAVITE and its industrial and agricultural growth.
Duties and Functions
   This office directs and coordinates all administrative, engineering construction and maintenance activities of the Provincial Government of Cavite relative to Infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, public buildings, waterworks, plants, etc. Extends technical assistance to municipalities when required.
   This office also prepares detailed plans, specifications and estimates, and materials survey for all roads, bridges, culverts, buildings, plants and other construction projects to be performed by or under the supervision of PEO. It also performs quality control of materials which include testing, pre-testing and field inspections before and during construction of infrastructure projects of the province.
This office also undertakes and supervises:
  • the construction and periodic maintenance of all roads, bridges, buildings, irrigation systems, canals, waterworks and other infrastructure projects of the province;
  • the operation and preventive maintenance of the quarry to provide the provice with necessary supply of road materials;
  • the operation of servicing, preventive maintenance and repair of the automotive and heavy equipment of the province in accordance with the equipment pool operation manual.
Provincial Engineer
PEO Building
Provincial Capitol Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-0387 / 419-2071

Duties and Functions
   This office gives legal opinion and/or dictum in all municipal resolutions and ordinances as well as provincial resolutions, where there is doubt as to their validity and upon any question in relation to the province by Provincial Governor, Sangguniang Panlalawigan or any head of the provincial offices and agencies.
Provincial Legal Officer
Provincial Capitol Building
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1919 loc. 130 / (046) 419-0492

   A strong and dynamic local government office that is adept to modern technology in serving the needs of its clientele.
   To deliver prompt, effective, and efficient services in the field of procurement, supply, property, records, human resource management, facility improvement and community services
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Formulate measures for the consideration of the Sanggunian and provide technical assistance and support to the governor in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities and which require general services expertise and technical support services;
  2. Develop plans and strategies on general services supportive of the welfare of the inhabitants and implement them upon approval hereof by the governor;
  3. Take custody of and be accountable for all properties, real or personal, reparation, assistance and counterpart of joint projects;
  4. With the approval of the governor, assign building or land space to local officials or other public officials, who by law, are entitled to such space;
  5. Recommend to the governor the reasonable rental rates for local government properties, whether real or personal, which will be leased to public and private entities by the LGU;
  6. Recommend to the governor the reasonable rental rates of public properties which may be leased for the official use of the LGU;
  7. Maintain and supervise janitorial, security, landscaping, and other related services in all public buildings and other real property, whether owned or leased by the LGU;
  8. Collate and disseminate information regarding prices, shipping and other costs of supplies and other items commonly used by the LGU;
  9. Perform archival and record management with respect to records of offices and departments of the LGU;
  10. Perform all other functions pertaining to supply and property management heretofore performed by the treasurer; and enforces policies on record creation, maintenance, and disposal;
  11. Be in the frontline of general services related activities, such as the possible or imminent destruction or damage to records, supplies, properties, and structures and the orderly and sanitary clearing up of waste materials or debris, particularly during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural calamities and disasters;
  12. Recommend to the sanggunian and advise the governor on all matters relative to general services; and
  13. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
OIC - General Services Officer
GSO Building
Provincial Capitol Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1919 loc. 115 and 116 / (046) 419-0952 / 419-2907 / 423-3180

Duties and Functions
   This office is tasked to formulate measures and provide technical assistance and support in providing the information and research data required for the effective delivery of the various programs and projects of the governor.
   Likewise, this office develops plans and strategies to promote to the public these programs and projects for information on how they can avail of these or to encourage them to support the governor.
Provincial Information Officer
2/F Provincial Capitol Building
Provincial Capitol Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1919 loc. 119 / (046) 419-1458 / 419-2950 

Duties and Functions
   The Cavite Provincial Population Development Office (POPDev) is manned by committed and highly qualified personnel whose main functions are advocacy, information, education and communication; data and information management and program development and implementation.
   In performing these basic functions together with other tasks assigned by the local government executives, the population officers and workers deal with adolescents, married men and women in their respective areas of assignment. They also establish and maintain links and networks with agencies both at the provincial, municipal and barangay levels.
Provincial Population Officer
Provincial Capitol Building
Provincial Capitol Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-2784

   The Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO)’s programs and services are geared towards promoting the rights and welfare of the poor, and marginalized for an improved quality of life.
    For the past years, the PSWDO’s roles and functions have expanded in accordance with the Local Government Code, which was implemented in 1992. It directed the functions and operations of the Office as direct service provider and technical service provider.
   A province where the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, families and communities are empowered for an improved quality of life.
    To provide social protection and promote the rights and welfare of the poor, vulnerable and the disadvantaged individual, family and community to contribute to poverty alleviation and empowerment through social welfare and development policies, programs, projects and services implemented with or through local government units, non-government organizations, People’s organizations, other government offices and other members of civil society in the province.

  • Formulation and advocacy of a just and responsive social welfare and development legislative agenda, policies and plans as well as ensuring their effective implementations.
  • Identification, development and marketing of technologies for building up social capital.
  • Setting up and enforcement of social welfare and development standards to protect the rights of the poor and the disadvantaged to quality service.
  • Provision of preventive, protective, rehabilitative and developmental programs and services.
  • Provision of technical assistance and resource augmentation to intermediaries in the implementation of social welfare and development programs and services.
    To provide assistance to individuals, families and communities and provide technical assistance to local government units, non-government organizations, other national government agencies, people’s organizations and other members of civil society in effectively implementing programs, projects and services that will alleviate poverty and empower disadvantaged individuals, families and communities for an improved quality of life as well as implement statutory and specialized programs which are directly lodged with the Office.
   As the lead agency in social welfare and development, the PSWDO exercises the following functions:
  • Formulates policies and plans which provide direction to intermediaries and other implementers in the development and delivery of social welfare and development services;
  • Formulates policies and plans which provide direction to intermediaries and other implementers in the development and delivery of social welfare and development services;
  • Develops and enriches existing programs and services for specific groups, such as children and youth, women, families and communities, solo parent, older persons and PWDs;
  • Registers, recognized and coordinates individuals, agencies and organizations engaged in social welfare and development services, sets standards and monitors the empowerment and compliance to these standards.
  • Provides technical assistance and capability to intermediaries;
  • Provides social protection of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged sector, PSWDO also gives augmentation funds to local government units so these could deliver social welfare and development (SWD) services to depressed municipalities and barangays and provide protective services to individuals, families and communities in crisis situations.
Head - Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer
Provincial Capitol Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (+63 46) 419-0252 / 419-0562 (PSP) / 419 - 0253 (PSWDO / Senoir Citizen)

Functional Statement
   The Provincial Cooperative, Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development Office is mandated to provide technical support to the Provincial Governor in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provisions of facilities through the development of cooperatives, new economic enterprises and provides alternative sources of income through livelihood projects, so as to improve the economic and social conditions of its constituents.
  1. To fomulate developmental plans and programs which are geared towards improving the livelihood of Caviteños through the creation of conducive business opportunities and/or participation in the cooperative movement;
  2. To provide techinical assistance to entrepreneurial individuals, existing micro, small and medium enterprises, new and existing cooperatives and other livelihood organizations to enhance their viability as an economic enterprises.
  3. To be the official forum for the intellect discussion of concern, issues and problems affecting the livelihood of Caviteños and provide solutions to them.
  4. To provide assistance to entrepreneurs, cooperatives and business organization in establishing forward and backward linkages with private marketing organizations, economic zones, government agencies and non-government organizations.
  5. To perform other related functions that will address the concerns of the economic sector.
Provincial Cooperative Development Officer
Cavite Cooperative Development Center (CaCoDeC)
Capitol Road, Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1273

Duties and Functions
   Assists the Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, as the legislative body of the province, in the enactment of ordinances and approval of resolutions necessary for the general welfare of the province and its inhabitants.
   To become an effective, efficient and responsive SP Secretariat.
We, the SP employees are committed to:

  1. Provide adequate technical support services to the Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan in the performance of its legislative functions
  2. Keep custody and maintain proper safekeeping of SP records and documents
  3. To be the official forum for the intellect discussion of concern, issues and problems affecting the livelihood of Caviteños and provide solutions to them.
  4. Establish communication and information linkage with the local government units, non-governmental organizations, and the general public regarding measures undertaken by SP
Provincial Board Secretary
Legislative Building
Trece Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1919 loc. 140 / (046) 419-1037

Functional Statement

Environment and Waste Management Division:
  • Enforce pollution control and environmental protection laws, rules and regulations;
  • Enforce solid waste disposal and other environmental management systems and services related to general hygiene and sanitation, such as sewage and household waste disposal;
  • Abate noise and other forms of nuisance as defined by law;
  • Implement cease and desist orders issued by the Pollution Adjudication Board
  • Develop and implement the provincial solid waste management plan, review the solid waste management plans of component cities and municipalities to ensure that the plans complement each other and have the requisite components;
  • Provide the necessary logistical and operational support to the component cities and municipalities in the implementation of solid waste management plans.

Land Management Division:
  • Monitoring the proper implementation of terms and conditions stipulated in the permit
  • Conduct surveillance/apprehension/confiscation of equipments & conveyances used in the illegal mining activities
  • Receive/ process/issue mining permits
  • Perform all other functions as instructed by the Provincial Government and other related activities
  • Validate/rectify reported volume extracted, delivery receipts issued
  • Recommend the suspension of mining permit.
  • Conduct systematic monitoring & evaluation of forestry extension activities & other related community - based forest management activities
  • Prepare accomplished report of the project
  • Establish and maintain linkages with forest occupants & other agencies/ institution involved in the socio - economic development of upland residents.

Coastal Management
  Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) involves the active participation, commitment and full support of the local government units, private sector and civil society, and other concerned sectors dealing with planning and management of the coastal areas to attain sustainable development. The program will involve both technical and practical approaches that resolve issues at coastal areas. It will also involve facilitating and implementing on the ground projects that will contribute to the well–being of the coastal communities.
  Cavite Environmental Protection Unit (CEPU) The CEPU is tasked to implement functions devolved to the local government from the Department of Environment and Natu ral Resources (DENR) pursuant to Section 17, RA 7160, The Local Government Code.

  • Participate in the formulation of plans and programs, as well as technical, operational and environmental con cerns.
  • Monitor, survey, and conduct field inspection provincewide, re: garbage disposal and cleanliness of major roads.
  • This office is primarily tasked to clean the stretch of Aguinaldo Highway and Governor's Drive, garbage collection, hauling and dumping of garbage.
  • Representing the office on some important meetings, seminars, symposium, project related trainings, conventions, and others.

Environment and Waste Management Division:
  1. To improve the quality of the people through proper waste management
  2. To act swiftly and decisively to various pollution companies
  3. To ensure the safety of the public from potential health problems

Land Management
  1. To check, verify and ascertain payment of fees due to the Province, pertinent to permit
  2. To check, granted by the Province and pursuant to existing laws;
  3. To detect, investigate and apprehend violators of Environmental and Natural Resourc es Laws, rules and regulations;
  4. To enhance the contribution of mineral resources with regards to the protection of the environment and affected communities;
  5. Environmental protection
  6. Poverty alleviation
  7. Promotion of social justice

Coastal Management
  The ICM in Cavite aims to enhance the quality of life of the Caviteños and maintain the ecosystems’ functional integrity through the improvement of environment quality and conserving the coastal environment toward a secured and congenial future.
  Cavite Environmental Protection Unit
  To attain the planned management programs, projects and activities for the Calendar Year 2009

  1. Pro active involvement in environmental projects of LGUs, NGOs and POs.
  2. To provide man power and logistical support to various provincial capitol detachments office units, LGUs and NGOs
  3. To assist / participate in every clean - up drive, special operations and any other environmental activities on case to case basis
  4. To teach/ educate Environmental awareness and concern amongst Cavite's constituents
Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer
Provincial Capitol Building
Trece Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-0916 /

Duties and Functions
  • Plans and implements the personnel administration programs in accordance with existing Civil Service Law and Rules;
  • Attends to personnel matters such as recruitment, transfer, separation, employee benefits, complaints and personnel records;
  • Initiates adoption of performance appraisal system.
Chief Administrative Officer
Provincial Capitol Building
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1919 loc. 121 / (046) 419-2930

Duties and Functions
  In-charge of all the tasks related to youth and sports development, planning and implementation.

  Institute projects and programs to effectively tap the potentials of the youth and to encourage their participation in worthwhile undertakings.
Head - Provincial Youth and Sports Coordinator
Provincial Capitol Building
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (+63 46) 419-0353

Brief Information
  Provincial jail system was first established in 1910 under the American regime supervised and controlled by the provincial government and headed by the Provincial Jail Warden.
  An Institution managed by God-centered, professionals and trained personnel to serve as the principal catalyst for rehabilitation/restoration that leads to reformation of the social, physical and spiritual aspects of persons being detained to develop as law abiding citizens for eventual reintegration into the mainstream of society.
  AThe Office of the Provincial Warden shall promote safe and total detainment, and rehabilitation/restoration of detainees under its custody.
Goals and Objectives
  • Office of the Provincial Warden is committed to carry out effective implementation of all programs, projects and activities relating to jail detainment and rehabilitation of prisoners being sentenced, detained or held for trial by the court of justice.
  • Develop and attend to the welfare of detainees in the Provincial Jail by providing subsistence and other welfare benefits and through provision of jail decongestion programs.
  • Provide protection services and prepare the inmates socially, physically, mentally and spiritually to become productive citizens for their eventual reintegration into the mainstream of society upon pardon or release.
OIC - Provincial Warden
Brgy. Lapidario, Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-0481

Duties and Functions
  In-charge of all the tasks related to tourism development, planning and promotion. Acts as a liaison office for the provincial government, the provincial tourism council, and the Department of Tourism.

  Regularly monitors the provincial tourism projects and activities and conducts studies and research, which are necessary to effectively facilitate tourism developments in the province consistent with the regional and national tourism master plans.
Supervising Tourism Officer
Provincial Capitol Building
Provincial Capitol Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-0552 loc. 143
e-mail: /

A Progressive and World-Class CAVITE Renowned for its Glorious history,
Empowered by its God- centered and environment-friendly people ,
Governed by Principled and Dynamic Leaders
  • Formulate policies and develop plans and programs that will intensify the attainment of better quality, making CAVITE a better place to live, work, and do business.
  • Delivery of basic social services.
  • Establish communication / coordinating body between the provincial government through COPS and LGUs in charge of public safety.
Four Divisions
  - Assists Philippine National Police (PNP) to ensure public safety and security, protection of life and property.

Division Units
  - Civil Security Unit (CSU)
  - Industrial Securiy Assistance Unit (ISAU)

  - Implements and monitors traffic management.

Division Units
  - Road Clearing Unit (RSU)
  - Traffic Management Unit (TMU)

  - Helps in the preservation and protection of the environment and natural resources of the province.
  - Apprehends illegal environmental activities.

Division Units
   - Coastal Management Operation Unit
   - Mining and Quarry Operation Unit
   - Solid waste Management Operations Unit
   - Illegal Logging Operations Unit
   - Environment Management and Wildlife Protection Operations Unit

  - Assist victims of human-made and natural disasters.

Division Units
   - Rescue & Emergency Unit 161
   - Disaster Coordinating Unit
Provincial Capitol Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-1919 loc. 128 / (046) 419-0155

First Class, World Class

    The First ISO 9001:2008 Certified Provincial Government in the Philippines. ISO 9001:2008 is a set of standards and requirements for the development of a quality management system commonly applied by private corporations and organizations to help ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are adequately and consistently met. These standards also enable organizations to develop mechanisms for continual improvement of products and services.
  • sealofgoodhousekeeping NEW
    The good housekeeping seal is given to LGUs that excelled in the areas of planning, budgeting, revenue, mobilization, financial management, budget execution, procurement and resource mobilization. It also recognizes local governments that accord primacy to the principles of transparency and accountability. Recipients of the award also received one million pesos each from the DILG’s Performance Challenge Fund (PCF).
  • TROPHY-small
    Cavite was also hailed as one of the Regional Gawad Pamana ng Lahi 2011 Awardee – Provincial Category.  Exemplary performance information is drawn from the database of the on-line LGPMS, Seal of Good Housekeeping, International Organization or National Government Agency-bestowed awards and acknowledged innovations.

Contact Us

   Address:         Provincial Capitol Building 
                        Trece Martires City, Cavite
                        4109 Cavite Philippines 

  Telephone:     +63 46 419-2311

   Web Admin:   Provincial ICT Web

   Telephone :    + 63 46 419-0157

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