Annual Compliance Review for Cooperatives

Event Photo: Annual Compliance Review for Cooperatives

On April 12, 2024, the Trece Martires City Hall Covered Court became a hub of knowledge and collaboration as the Office of the Provincial Cooperatives Development Officer, in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Trece Martires City Cooperative Development Council, hosted a seminar on Annual Compliance Review for Cooperatives. The event aimed to strengthen the cooperative sector by ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and fostering cooperative development within Cavite.

The seminar commenced with a warm welcome message from Ms. Cristina V. Bahala, the Cooperative Development Officer of Trece Martires City. Her opening remarks set the tone for the day, emphasizing the importance of compliance and cooperation in achieving sustainable growth for cooperatives. Honorable Vice Mayor Bobby Montehermoso echoed this sentiment, expressing the city’s commitment to supporting cooperative initiatives.

Guiding participants through the intricacies of compliance was the esteemed resource speaker, Mr. Ismael F. Fampula, from the Cooperative Development Authority – Cavite. With his wealth of knowledge and experience in cooperative governance, Mr. Fampula delivered insightful presentations and engaged the audience in meaningful discussions.

The seminar drew a diverse crowd, with 102 individuals and 48 cooperatives from various cities and municipalities of Cavite. The diverse participation underscored the widespread interest and commitment to cooperative development in the region.

Throughout the day, participants delved into topics such as financial management, legal compliance, and governance best practices. Interactive workshops provided attendees with practical tools and strategies to enhance their cooperative’s operations and ensure regulatory compliance.

Beyond the exchange of knowledge, the seminar served as a platform for networking and collaboration. Participants had the opportunity to forge connections, share experiences, and explore potential partnerships, laying the groundwork for future cooperative endeavors.

As the seminar drew to a close, participants left with newfound insights, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose in advancing the cooperative movement. The success of the event was a testament to the collective effort of all stakeholders involved, highlighting the collaborative spirit driving cooperative development in Cavite.

In conclusion, the Annual Compliance Review Seminar was not only a momentous gathering of cooperative enthusiasts but also a significant step forward in empowering cooperatives to thrive and contribute to the socio-economic progress of Cavite.