Cavite Greening Program: A Successful Tree Planting along TVPL

Event Photo: Cavite Greening Program: A Successful Tree Planting along TVPL

On November 24, 2023, the Office of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer (OPENRO) took the lead during the 3rd Cavite Arbor Day, organizing a tree planting activity along the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape (TVPL) in Barangay Iruhin East and Central, Tagaytay City. The initiative is part of the Cavite Greening Program aimed not only to enhance the city’s natural beauty but also to contribute significantly to environmental conservation and sustainability.

The event was joined by a diverse group of participants, including provincial government employees, uniformed personnel, barangay officials and local residents. The collective goal was to plant more than 400 fruit bearing and forest trees along the Banauan Road, promoting a greener and healthier environment for both current and future generations.

The program started with a brief opening ceremony, featuring speeches from key figures in the environmental sector and local government, emphasizing the importance of reforestation efforts in mitigating climate change, preventing soil erosion, and preserving biodiversity. They also highlighted the role of communities in sustaining these efforts beyond a one-time event, fostering a sense of responsibility among participants.