Municipality of General Mariano Alvarez

Income Classification: 1st Class
Congressional District: 5th District
No. of Barangays: 27
Land Area: 938.0137 has.
Population (POPCEN 2015, Philippine Statistics Authority): 155,143
Registered Voters (COMELEC, January 2020): 91,474
Address: Municipality of General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite

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Phone: (046) 460 -4088
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The Municipality of General Mariano Alvarez came into being 35 years ago. Dubbed as the youngest municipality in the Province of Cavite, it is also one that has steadily grown into its present status as a first class municipality. The municipality’s 10 year Comprehensive Land use Plan (CLUP) was developed to propel the fire and enthusiasm that would move us into our niche in the Province and the CALABARZON.

Historical Background

General Mariano Alvarez, the newest town of the Province of Cavite is formerly a part of the Municipality of Carmona.  This new municipality was named after General Mariano Alvarez, one of the foremost sons of the province.  He was a native of the town of Noveleta and he played a vital role during the Spanish Revolution. It was previously called Carmona Resettlement Project and was under the direct management of the People’s Home site and Housing Corporation (PHHC). This project started in March 1968 because of the need to clear the Quezon Memorial Park Diliman, Quezon City of shanties and other illegal constructions built on it. The PHHC prepared the basic development concepts with the National Planning Commission and the Department of Health comprising the Planning Group.  The said group prescribed a minimum size of 12m x 12m or a total of 144 square meters for every family to be relocated in the area.

From 1970 to 1972, more families arrived in the area, including the flood victims and fire victims from the different parts of Quezon City, Makati and Manila. By the week of January 1973, the 7,840 allocated lots were already filled up.

Since San Jose and San Gabriel were converted into resettlement areas, the said localities have been provided by the government with different infrastructure projects such as school buildings, health centers, road and bridges. The government, through the PHHC, allotted spaces for commercial and industrial centers as well as civic and government centers.

The first Cavite Electric Cooperative (FCEC) provided electricity while waterworks system was installed through the funding which came from the USAID. Due to the popular clamor of the residents of the aforementioned resettlement areas towards the conversion of their locality into an independent municipality, the ten (10) Barangay Council of the communities of the then San Gabriel and San Jose, submitted resolution expressing their desire to the Sangguniang Bayan of Carmona which in turn favorably endorser the idea through Resolution No. 56 Series of 1978. The latter was decided upon a plebiscite and the creation of the new town was established.

The Municipality of Gen. Mariano Alvarez became in existent upon the ratification by the majority votes cast in a plebiscite conducted at Carmona and it’s duly constituted Barangay within a period of 180 days after the approval of Batas Pambansa 76 and Parliamentary Bill No. 631 after which the President of the Philippines appointed the first set of Local Officials for the said new town.

Upon the effectivity of the specified legal acts converting barangays San Jose and San Gabriel into the Municipality of General Mariano Alvarez, its proportional share in the obligation of funds, assets and other properties of CARMONA was transferred to the newly created municipality upon the recommendation of the Commission of Audit, which was approved on June 30, 1980.

The inauguration and oath-taking ceremonies of the newly appointed officials of the Municipality of General Mariano Alvarez took place on March 14, 1981 at the Carmona Relocation Center High School, a signal that which it was also granted political autonomy. Several elected members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Carmona who are residents of the area were appointed to head the newly created municipality.

The new town was composed of the Resettlement areas of Barangays San Jose, San Gabriel and a portion of Cabilang Baybay. Barangay San Jose consist of areas A and B while Barangay San Gabriel consist of areas C, D, E, F, H, I, J, and K.

On June 22, 1985 the Local officials through legislative and administrative authorities created 27 duly constituted barangays out of the former 10 barangays comprising the resettlement areas.

Geographic Location

The General Mariano Alvarez is geographically located at coordinate’s approximately 121.049531° degrees longitude and 14.28590° degrees is northeastern boundaries of Cavite Province and Laguna.

Major Income Sources
Industry/ Manufacturing, Services
Tourist Destinations
Special Events / Festivals

  • GMA Foundation
  • Holy Family Feast Day (Proper)
  • Viva Buen Viaje (Sunshine)
  • Nuestra Seniora Feast Day (Monteverde Homes)
  • Mirracolous Medal Feast (Feast)
  • San Jose Manggagawa Feast Day (Metro San Jose)
  • San Sebastian Feast Day, (Barangay San Gabriel)
  • Barangay Poblacion 3 Feast Day

Data Source: DILG CaLaBaRZon LGUs