Municipality of Noveleta

Income Classification: 3rd Class
Congressional District: 1st District
No. of Barangays: 16
Land Area: 604.0145 has.
Population (POPCEN 2015, Philippine Statistics Authority): 45,846
Registered Voters (COMELEC, January 2020): 28,473
Address: Noveleta Municipal Hall, Poblacion, Noveleta, Cavite

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Phone: 046) 438-1107
Fax: 046) 438-1107
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Noveleta was originally a barrio of the municipality of Kawit. Owing to its vantage geographical position – long natural beach and compact size – it became the vacation resort of the Spanish priests and the rich residents of Cavite Viejo (now Cavite City). The place slowly emerged as a busy hub between the rich and the poor as its population continued to increase. This prompted the then Governor- General Jose dela Gandera to seperate it from Kawit and create it as an independent town on January  5, 1868.

Aside from the famous and historical municipality of Kawit, there is probably no other municipalities in the Province of Cavite which is as colorful and as memorable as the municipality of Noveleta.

Historical Background

Noveleta has the distinction of leading the first victory of the Philippine revolutionary forces in Cavite and perhaps the whole country, the victory at Noveleta Tribunal. It was a complete victory that liberated the town. The Magdiwang Council, led by General Mariano Alvarez took the tribunal after the skirmish that killed two Spanish officers.  This significant event on August 31,1896 so inspired the Cavitenos that until a major counter attack was mounted by the Spanish General Lacambre, all the major coastal towns of Cavite enjoyed the freedom every Filipino so aspired.

The revolution against the Spanish colonialism  produced five brave and able military generals and tacticians from Noveleta in the persons of Mariano Alvarez, Santiago Alvarez, Pascual Alvarez, Luciano San Miguel and Ariston Villanueva. Those five gallant Cavitenos led a series of lightning attacks against the superior Spanish forces in Cavite Viejo. Then Colonel Santiago Alvarez later emerged as the Hero of the Battle of Calero Bridge.

Ironically, Noveleta was also formerly referred to by Spaniards as Tierra Alta, meaning higher ground, because its ground levelhas higher than that of the neighboring towns of San Roque,Caridad, and Cavite and Cavite la Punta (now Cavite City). Noveleta was also known by the revolutionary name Magdiwang, meaning to celebrate a momentous event.

The name Noveleta is said to have originated from Nueva Isla or New Island, a term frequently used by the spaniards, referring to the locality. In early years of the Spanish regime visiting priests described the place as Nueva Late (New Fate or Fortune). In the course of time these terms Nueva Isla and Nueva Lete involved of Noveleta.

But one legend tells the story of a beautiful maiden named Violeta who was betrothed by her father to a Spanish officer against her will and despite the fact that she Spaniards, the unhappy girl committed suicide. The officer arrived the next morning and finding her dead,cried and deep anguish, “Madre de Dios, No Violeta Oh, No Violeta” (“Mother of God, No Violeta Oh, No Violeta”). The phrase “No Violeta” kept on ringing in the public memory, eventually becoming “Noveleta”, the term used to identify the place.

Geographic Location

The Municipality of Noveleta is located in the northwestern portion of the Cavite Province within the 120O52’ to 12°54’ east longitude and 14°25’ to 14O28’ north latitude. It is bordered on the north by Cavite City, on the west by Manila Bay, on the southwest by Rosario, on the south by General Trias, on the east by Kawit and on the northeast by Bacoor Bay. It is 26 kilometers from Manila and 20.4 kilometers from Trece Martires City. It is accessible by land transport modes from Manila via General Aguinaldo Boulevard (Manila-Cavite Coastal Road) passing through the municipalities of Bacoor (10 kilometers) and Kawit (3 kilometers). It is also accessible from Cavite City (6 kilometers) 1and Rosario (2.75 kilometers).

Major Income Sources
Fishing, Services
Tourist Destinations

  • Malen’s Bakeshop and Restaurant
  • El Palacio Hotel
  • Villamar Beach Resort
  • Lido Beach Resort
  • In-land Resort

Special Events / Festivals

  • Noveleta Heroes Day
  • Araw ng Noveleta
  • Noveleta Town Fiesta

Data Source: DILG CaLaBaRZon LGUs