DELFIN N. MONTANO (1956 – 1971)

DELFIN N. MONTANO was the second elected governor of Cavite under the Third Republic. In the history of Cavite politics, no one has yet matched Montano’s record in length of service as provincial governor: four consecutive terms, 1956 to 1971. One factor which contributed to his long service record was that he had the full support of his father. Assemblyman and former Senator Justiniano S. Montano, for many years the political kingpin of the province.

Delfin was first elected governor in 1956, and thereafter was elected in 1960, 1964, and 1968. His terms of office almost dovetailed with those of his father so that in their time father and son formed a unbeatable tandem without parallel in Philippine politics.

The second son of Justiniano N. Montano of Amaya, Tanza, and the former Ligaya Nazareno of Naik, Delfin was born in 1927. He took up law at the Manila Law College, but after the first year he shifted to agro-industrial studies in the United States where he took up farm management, cooperative marketing, fertilizer application, canning processes, storage of farm products, and public administration.

Although he had little inclination for politics, he reluctantly ran for governor of Cavite in 1956, and stayed on the job for the next 15 years, certainly the most productive years of his life.

Returning to private life at the end of his fourth term as governor, Delfin became vice-president and general manager of Continental Airways Corporation since 1972; a top official of tres Cruces Agro-Industrial Corporation since 1974;consultant, play-land Makers, Inc. since 1975;consultant, Ligaya Agricultural Corporation since 1972; and director, Cavite Development Bank since 1976.

Delfin’s previous positions included the following: vice-president and general manager of Ligaya Farms, 1975-1955; chairman and general manager, Communications & Electricity Development Authority (CEDA), 1958-1960; and consultant, CEDA, 1960-1971.

A civic leader, Delfin was at one time or another president of the Cavite City Junior chamber of Commerce; chairman, League of Provincial Governors and City Mayors; president, Cavite Gun and Country Club; president, Cavite chapter of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines; and chairman, Cavite chapter of the Philippine National Red Cross.

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