Municipality of Amadeo


Feb 22 2025 - Feb 24 2025


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Pahimis Festival

Image Source: http://www.choosephilippines.com/do/festivals/5404/pahimis-festival-amadeo-cavite-coffee-product

Amadeo is known as the “Coffee Capital of the Philippines.” Also Called the “Coffee Festival” as way of thanksgiving for abundant harvest of coffee in the municipality. Trade fair, street dancing, beauty pageant, coffee convention are the usual activities done during the occasion. Free flowing drinking of coffee is offered to everybody. Amadeo, Cavite — This municipality’s best and finest coffee and coffee-based products will be on exhibit in the three-day Pahimis Festival which will get off the wraps on Friday. Among the highlights of the event are  the ‘Amadeo Latte Art Throw Down’ and ‘Barista Challenge,’ street dancing and other cultural shows and a trade fair.