FABIAN PUGEDA (1925 – 1931)

As the eighth governor of Cavite during the American regime, Fabian Pugeda served for two terms, 1925-1931. An efficient and resourceful administrator, he earned a  reputation as a builder. During his six years as provincial executive, Pugeda was able to finish many public works projects, including the construction of new roads, public school buildings and markets, and artesian wells.

Born in Rosario, Cavite, on January 20, 1886, to a couple of modest means, Hilario Pugeda and Irene Sales, Fabian finished the elementary grades in his native town, and his secondary education at the Liceo de Manila. He took up law at the Escuela de Derecho.

In 1912 Pugeda was elected member of the provincial board of Cavite. Four years later (1916) he was appointed secretary to then Senator Vicente Ilustre of Batangas. However, in the same year he was elected councilor of General Trias. In 1920 he was appointed justice of the peace of the town of Cavite (now Cavite City), but after serving for two years he resigned due to poor health.

Having regained Pugeda ran for governor of Cavite in 1925 and was elected by a comfortable majority. He was reelected after his first term.

Pugeda married twice, the first time, in 1916, to the former Maria Ferrer, widow of the late Governor Mariano Trias, by whom he begot two children, Virginia and Teofilo. After Maria’s death, Pugeda married asecond time, his new wife being the known about Pugeda’s children by his two marriages. There is also no available information about Pugeda’s activities after his retirement in 1931. The date and place of his death are likewise unknown.

[Source: A brochure entitled “History of the Cultural Life of Rosario,” prepared by a committee of public school of Rosario during the school year 1952-1953.]