Health mission in Bayan Luma 5, benefits more than 400 Residents

Event Photo: Health mission in Bayan Luma 5, benefits more than 400 Residents

In an effort to prioritize the health and well-being of the community, the Office of the Provincial Governor in partnership with the Office of the Provincial Health Officer spearheaded a comprehensive medical and dental mission in Bayan Luma 5, City of Imus on January 30, 2024.

The medical and dental mission team witnessed an overwhelming response from the community, with more than 400 beneficiaries receiving much-needed medical attention and dental care from OPHO medical professionals. The health event showcased the commitment of the provincial government to address the healthcare needs of its constituents.

One of the key highlights of the mission was the provision of free prescription medicines and vitamins. This not only addressed immediate health concerns but also contributed to the long-term well-being of the community by ensuring access to essential medicines.

The residents of Bayan Luma 5 as well as Punong Barangay Edgie Reyes expressed their gratitude for the outreach, emphasizing the significance of such initiatives in improving overall community health. Many beneficiaries, who may not have had the means to seek medical or dental care otherwise, were able to receive attention and treatment for various health conditions.

The success of the mission would not have been possible without the collaboration and coordination of various stakeholders, including local officials, and volunteers. Their collective efforts made it possible to create a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of individuals within the community.