JUANITO R. REMULLA (Jan. 30, 1980 – Feb. 19, 1986)

JUANITO R. REMULLA holds the distinction of being the last appointed governor of Cavite (September 25, 1979 to January 30, 1980) under the Third Republic, and the first regularly elected governor under the Fourth Republic which officially started June 30, 1981.

There are 76 provincial governors and 61 city mayors in the country today organized under the banner of the Governors and City Mayors League of the Philippines. In 1981 Remulla was chosen from among this scintillating array of executives as the “Most Outstanding Governor of the Year.” Brilliant, dedicated, dynamic, and community-oriented, Remulla was awarded the signal honor in recognition of the remarkable socio-economic, agro-industrial and infrastructure progress of Cavite since he assumed office two months after the death of his colorful predecessor, Governor Camerino, on July 24, 1979. He was given the award from among more that 28 candidates for the honor.

Prior to his assumption of office as governor Remulla had been a member of the provincial board. He was serving in this capacity when he was appointed twice as acting governor, the first time in 1964 and the second in 1965. His two brief stints in the executive office must have so impressed the Caviteños that in the election of delegates to the 1971 Constitutional Convention Remulla, 38, the youngest candidate, garnered the highest number of votes, besting his three more senior and experiences colleagues. Finally, in the election for governor on January 30, 1980, Remulla, the KBL candidate, obtained an overwhelming majority over his Naciolista opponent.

Remulla had been a topflight practicing lawyer and business executive before joining the government service. He was the senior partner in the Remulla, Estrella & Associates Law Office, and at the same time chairman of the board, Covelandia Island Resort, in Binakayan, Kawit. In addition, he was chairman of the board of MVS Cinema, Inc., president of Superior Cane Plantation, Inc., and president of Midtown Theatrical & Commercial Corporation.

Reminiscent of the Horatio Alger story, Remulla’s life has been one unbroken thread of successes. A barrio boy who became governor of his province, Remulla was born on April 14, 1933, in Toclong, Imus, Cavite, the son of a farmer couple, Crispin Remulla (deceased) and Teofista Reyes. A front-runner in every class he attended during his student days, he finished valedictorian in the Medicion Elementary School, Imus, first honorable mention in the high school department of the Francisco Law College, and among the top ten in the college of law graduate, University of the Philippines. He copped fourth place in the bar examinations of 1956.

Owing to his brilliant scholastic record, Remulla was chosen awardee of the Colombo Plan Scholarship, Institute of Local Government, in Birmingham, England (1966-1967). And precisely because of his training as a Colombo scholar, Remulla was elected chairman of the Committee on Local Governments in the 1971-1973 Constitutional Convention.

Remulla was an illustrious fellow, 1955-1956, of the Upsilon Sigma Phil, an honorary society of the University of the Philippines. His civic activities include membership in the Carabao Club and Lions Club in Imus. He was also a former member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Imus, and of the Primera Luz Lodge No. 69.

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