MDM in Malagasang IC, City of Imus

Event Photo: MDM in Malagasang IC, City of Imus

Cavite provincial government’s Medical Mission Team composed of dedicated staff from the Office of the Provincial Governor and the Office of the Provincial Health Officer, in collaboration with the Cavite Varsitarian-Imus Council, organized a successful medical and dental mission on January 25, 2024 at Jade Residence Subdivision in the City of Imus.

The event provided free health consultations and check-ups to 506 patients, with a dedicated team addressing individual health concerns. Notably, 50 patients received free tooth extractions, emphasizing the importance of dental health. The mission, held in a strategic community location, aimed not only to address immediate health needs but also to promote health awareness and preventive care.

The team expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort, highlighting the significance of community engagement in bridging healthcare gaps. The initiative’s success reflects a commitment to prioritizing the health of Imus residents and serves as a model for future healthcare initiatives in communities.