Automatic Exemption
The following are hereby exempted from the UVRS or Number Coding Scheme

a.All public utility vehicles including public utility jeepneys and buses;
b.Ambulance, firetrucks, police patrol cars, military vehicles with permanent marking indicating the vehicles as such. Ambulance and firetrucks, which are privately owned and properly marked as such, shall likewise be exempted;
c.Vehicles carrying person/s needing emergency medical attention;
d.Government vehicles with government plates;
e.Vehicles used by medical practitioners in an emergency;
f.Duly enfranchised school buses; and
g.Vehicles on a mission to carry relief goods to identified calamity or highly depressed areas.

List of vehicles that may apply for an exemption
The following vehicles MAY also be exempted from the UVRS, provided that the owner thereof or his/her authorized representative applies for and is granted exemption by the Office of the Provincial Governor – Road Safety Division, pursuant to the procedure herein provided:

a.Vehicles delivering perishable goods in commercial quantity
b.Company shuttle service vehicles
c.Specially outfitted vehicles used by PWDs
d.Vehicles used in servicing public utilities
e.Funeral service vehicles
f.Vehicles used by doctors, public attorneys, prosecutors, members of the Judiciary
g.Vehicles used by tourism agents
h.Vehicles used by business locators

How to apply for a Provincial Number Coding Scheme Exempt (PNCSE) Sticker?