Implementing Agency

 Office of the Provincial Governor – Road Safety Division (OPG-RSD)

The Office of the Provincial Governor, through the Road Safety Division (RSD) shall be mainly responsible in the implementation of this ordinance.

Component Cities and Municipalities

Cities and municipalities within the Province, through their respective Traffic Management Offices, may be authorized to implement this Ordinance. For this purpose, traffic agents of the cities and municipalities shall be duly deputized.

Authority of the Provincial Governor

The Provincial Governor is hereby authorized to revise or amend this IRR, as he may deem fit, to effectively implement Provincial Ordinance No. 164 – Series of 2016, as amended by Provincial Ordinance No. 173 – Series of 2017, and other related ordinances, subject to the concurrence of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

The Provincial Governor is likewise authorized to enter into agreements with other local government units and entities, such as homeowner’s associations and other agencies for the effective implementation of the afore-mentioned ordinances.