Office of the Provincial Budget Officer (Formerly Provincial Budget Office)


The Provincial Budget Office, as provided for in Section 475 of the Local Government Code of 1991, is mandated to provide the delivery of basic services relative to local budget administration including budget processes and policies, directions and priorities governing effective fiscal discipline, proper allocation and mobilization of available resources and effective management of public expenditures.


To be a proactive development partner/advocate of the economic and financial management team of the Provincial Government in the effective allocation and management of public resources and expenditures towards achieving its pursuit for fiscal strength and good governance.


We, at the Provincial Budget Office, are committed to:

  • Promote, implement and strengthen public expenditure management policies and directions that are sustainable and supportive to the vision, program thrusts and development goals of the Provincial Government;
  • Adhere and uphold to the principles of professionalism, competence, integrity, creativity, impartiality, leadership, excellence, dedication, client-responsiveness result-orientation and pro-activeness among our personnel;
  • Advocate policies and directives that ensure efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability in public spending.
  • The Provincial Budget Office aims to pursue the following strategic objectives relative to fiscal management, drawing from and consistent with the objectives, thrusts and policies provided for in the Provincial Development Plan (PDP), the Local Development Investment Plan (LDIP) of the Province of Cavite, to wit:
  • Fiscal Sustainability – to ensure that the provincial government as a whole “lives within its means”, keeping expenditures within budget ceilings and keeping variances between budget estimates and actual obligations as low as possible.
  • Effective Resource Allocation – to ensure that public resources are being put into their most productive and beneficial uses, translating development priorities into sectoral and functional budgetary allocations.
  • Efficient Government Operations – to ensure full transparency of spending policies and that quality government goods and services are delivered on time and at the least cost.
Mission (What PBO wants to become)

We, at the Provincial Budget Office, are committed to adhere and uphold to the PRINCIPLED core values of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), in consistency with the Implementing Rules specified in the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, provided for in Republic Act No. 6713, to wit:

  • Professionalism – through dedicated public service, conduct of official functions and duties in a prompt and timely manner and with due regard to the needs and expectations of the clients, the government, and the people at large.
  • Results-Orientation – through commitment to performance and delivery of positive impact and results.
  • Integrity – through adherence to the highest ethical standards of honesty, probity and sense of responsibility, and to the established codes of conduct, rules and regulations guiding the Provincial Government.
  • Nationalism – through upholding and promoting Philippine national interests within a modern and global environment.
  • Creativity – through constant self-improvement, initiative and resourcefulness in developing and adopting new policies, procedures, rules or methods in budget and management.
  • Impartiality – through objective, fair and consistent conduct and actions.
  • Partnership – through cooperation and teamwork, both among units within the provincial government and with the external stakeholders and clients, towards the attainment of shared and common goals.
  • Leadership – through taking the initiative in instituting reforms and inspiring others to win them.
  • Excellence – through upholding the value of competence and striving for mastery in all areas of responsibilities and through diligence and pride in the quality of one’s work.
  • Dedication – through selfless devotion to PBO’s vision, mission and goals in the day-to-day performance of one’s functions.

Ms. Ma. Dulce L. Tangco
Provincial Budget Officer
Finance Building
Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No. (046) 419-3390 to 92 loc. 143, 173 & 187 / (046) 419-3241