Office of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer

Functional Statement

Environment and Waste Management Division:

  • Enforce pollution control and environmental protection laws, rules and regulations;
  • Enforce solid waste disposal and other environmental management systems and services related to general hygiene and sanitation, such as sewage and household waste disposal;
  • Abate noise and other forms of nuisance as defined by law;
  • Implement cease and desist orders issued by the Pollution Adjudication Board
  • Develop and implement the provincial solid waste management plan, review the solid waste management plans of component cities and municipalities to ensure that the plans complement each other and have the requisite components;
  • Provide the necessary logistical and operational support to the component cities and municipalities in the implementation of solid waste management plans.

Land Management Division:

  • Monitoring the proper implementation of terms and conditions stipulated in the permit
  • Conduct surveillance/apprehension/confiscation of equipments & conveyances used in the illegal mining activities
  • Receive/ process/issue mining permits
  • Perform all other functions as instructed by the Provincial Government and other related activities
  • Validate/rectify reported volume extracted, delivery receipts issued
  • Recommend the suspension of mining permit.
  • Conduct systematic monitoring & evaluation of forestry extension activities & other related community – based forest management activities
  • Prepare accomplished report of the project
  • Establish and maintain linkages with forest occupants & other agencies/ institution involved in the socio – economic development of upland residents.

Coastal Management

Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) involves the active participation, commitment and full support of the local government units, private sector and civil society, and other concerned sectors dealing with planning and management of the coastal areas to attain sustainable development. The program will involve both technical and practical approaches that resolve issues at coastal areas. It will also involve facilitating and implementing on the ground projects that will contribute to the well–being of the coastal communities.

Cavite Environmental Protection Unit (CEPU) The CEPU is tasked to implement functions devolved to the local government from the Department of Environment and Natu ral Resources (DENR) pursuant to Section 17, RA 7160, The Local Government Code.


  • Participate in the formulation of plans and programs, as well as technical, operational and environmental con cerns.
  • Monitor, survey, and conduct field inspection provincewide, re: garbage disposal and cleanliness of major roads.
  • This office is primarily tasked to clean the stretch of Aguinaldo Highway and Governor’s Drive, garbage collection, hauling and dumping of garbage.
  • Representing the office on some important meetings, seminars, symposium, project related trainings, conventions, and others.


Environment and Waste Management Division:

  1. To improve the quality of the people through proper waste management
  2. To act swiftly and decisively to various pollution companies
  3. To ensure the safety of the public from potential health problems

Land Management

  1. To check, verify and ascertain payment of fees due to the Province, pertinent to permit
  2. To check, granted by the Province and pursuant to existing laws;
  3. To detect, investigate and apprehend violators of Environmental and Natural Resourc es Laws, rules and regulations;
  4. To enhance the contribution of mineral resources with regards to the protection of the environment and affected communities;
  5. Environmental protection
  6. Poverty alleviation
  7. Promotion of social justice

Coastal Management

The ICM in Cavite aims to enhance the quality of life of the Caviteños and maintain the ecosystems’ functional integrity through the improvement of environment quality and conserving the coastal environment toward a secured and congenial future.

Cavite Environmental Protection Unit

To attain the planned management programs, projects and activities for the Calendar Year 2009


  1. Pro active involvement in environmental projects of LGUs, NGOs and POs.
  2. To provide man power and logistical support to various provincial capitol detachments office units, LGUs and NGOs
  3. To assist / participate in every clean – up drive, special operations and any other environmental activities on case to case basis
  4. To teach/ educate Environmental awareness and concern amongst Cavite’s constituents

Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer
Tel. No. (046) 419-0916