Pahimis Festival 2018

Pahimis Festival is a three-day annual celebration held every month of April in Amadeo, Cavite. The event plays an important role in the local farmers of Amadeo because they view Pahimis Festival as a thanksgiving tradition for the abundant harvest. It also aims to make the municipality a farm tourism destination where nature-lovers and coffee enthusiasts can appreciate the beauty of agri-tourism.

The celebration of this year’s Pahimis Festival kicked off on April 25 with street dancing and parade by patrons in coffee-themed costumes. The street parade was followed by a program that served as a dedication to the municipality’s outstanding coffee farmers and the opening of the trade fair that boasts of the local farmers’ organic produce came after.

In the afternoon, the tourism officers of Amadeo led a farm tour to the bountiful land, showcasing the different kinds of export-quality coffee like Liberica, Robusta, Excelsia, and Arabica. Right after the farm tour, the crowd displayed energy and vigor during the Coffee Dance Fitness Marathon headed by performers Wowie de Guzman and Christo of the all-male dance group Street Boys along with Marco of UMD.

The fun continued the next day as friends from the media network ABS-CBN brought entertaining and informative activities for the fiesta-goers. This includes a job fair in the morning succeeded by a coffee demonstration by renowned chef Christopher Carangian. Everyone was hooked by the local Pinoy movies shown during the afternoon aired via two of ABS-CBN’s cable channels Cinemo and KBO. When the clock struck four, the fiesta-goers were surprised by several of the television cast of the local weeknight series Bagani, with main characters Enrique Gil and Dimples Romana present on the event.

The activities drew to a close on April 27, starting with a float parade competition which featured the creativity of the municipality’s residents in presenting Amadeo’s coffee-centric livelihood and also emphasized the beauty of the Mutya ng Pahimis candidates who gracefully stood on each float with pride and elegance. When eve approached, the municipal covered court opened its floor for the coronation of the Mutya ng Pahimis 2018 beauty contest. The event-goers filled the venue with lively cheering and yelling to show sheer support to their favorite beauty queen. Breaking the tension of the pageant was a spoken word poetry performance by the soulful and talented individuals of Amadeo.

The 2018 celebration of the Pahimis Festival was indeed a time for joyous thanksgiving for a sound harvest of the farmers in Amadeo. Are you excited to try their famous Amadeo Coffee? Visit the Coffee Capital of the Philippines and mention us on social media using the hashtags #TaraCaviteTayo and #AmadeoCavite! (Louise Santiano)