One of the best zoos, a visit to Paradizoo in Tagaytay is a must for those who wish to explore this place. Visitors can interact with the farm animals up close and personal and also feed them. There’s a tour guide in every farm cluster at Paradizoo, who know everything about the animal and also they teach parents and kids how to co-exist with these animals. There is also a butterfly sanctuary within the zoo where you can find rare and exotic species of butterflies. You can even enjoy activities like horseback riding and camel feeding. Paradizoo also has a Vegetable Farm filled with organically grown vegetables which guests and visitors can buy and bring home. This place also offers accommodations for people who want to stay overnight. There are colorful pots will greet you upon entering the theme farm. Inside there is a discovery shop and a café for some shopping and gorge on some snacks respectively.


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