Patungan Beach is one of the province’s little known beach destinations. It is situated inside Patungang Cove which is south of Mt. Palay Palay which is also known as Pico de Loro.

The area near Patungan Beach is home to about 100 – 200 families, most of which are fishermen hence the alternate name of the barangay -Patungan Fishing Village. According to the locals that I’ve interviewed, their place was once an isolated barangay, reachable only by boat, horse, or foot. Thankfully, with the completion of the Nasugbu – Ternate Highway and Kaybiang Tunnel, the barangay was finally connected to the  province. However, there are still no direct public transportation system that serves the area coming from Manila.


Location: Brgy. Patungan. Maragondon, Cavite

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