PGC-QMS Functional Statements
• Ensures availability of necessary resources
• Establishes and maintains the quality policy of the organization
• Reviews the quality management system periodically and that results of management reviews are in the form of specific actions
• Ensures that quality objectives are established at relevant functions within the organization
• Ensures that appropriate communication processes are established within the organization
• Ensures that the continual improvement of the quality management system is effectively planned and implemented
Quality Management Representative (QMR)
• Ensures that processes needed for the Quality Management System are established, implemented and maintained.
• Reports to the Top Management regarding the performance of the Quality Management System and necessary improvement needed to ensure continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness.
• Ensures the promotion of awareness in terms of customer requirements throughout the organization.
• Manages the performance of the Quality Management System.
• Liaises with external parties on matters relating to the Quality Management System.
Deputy Quality Management Representative (DQMR)
• Assists the QMR in supervising the Quality Management System.
• Assumes the responsibilities of the QMR in his/her absence.
• Takes the lead role in reviewing the suitability of Quality Policy.
• Liaises for and with the PGC-QMS Committee Heads on matters relating to the activities of respective committees.
• Convenes the PGC-QMS Committee Heads meeting to set up and review each QMS Committees activities as specified and planned in the PGC-QMS Annual Calendar of Activities.
• May serve as one of the Internal Quality Auditors for PGC’s management process.
Cavite Quality Management Office
• Facilitates the distribution and retrieval of Audit Findings Report (AFR), and Corrective Action Requests (CARs).
• Assists the PGC-QMS Planning Committee in monitoring all PGC departments’ Performance of Quality Objectives attainment.
• Act as a secretariat to all the activities undertaken by the QMR, DQMR and all PGC-QMS committees.
• Liaises with the PGC-QMS Documentation team during changes and revisions.
• Manages the distribution of Client’s Feedback Forms and Feedback Summary Reports
• Prepares training design, facilitates documents needed and provides logistical support during the conduct of training.
• Collates and files Workplace Inspection Ratings