Provincial Treasurer’s Office


To effectively respond to the needs and challenges of good governance through faithful adherence to the tenets of responsibility, honesty, integrity and transparency in fiduciary/financial affairs.


To help create and maintain a free and just society of achieving Caviteños who will enjoy the benefits of development and progress via efficient and effective administration of the provincial government’s fiscal affairs.

Functional Statement

As one of the departments of the local government units performing duties and functions which are vital to its continued existence , the Office of the Provincial Treasurer endeavors to promote and maintain efficiency and effectiveness in providing the needed funds to sustain its operations, deliver basic services , meet financial obligations and promote its overall growth and development, all of which ultimately redound to the benefit of the people.

Towards this end, it sees to it that all taxes, fees, allotment funds and other revenues due to it from various sources are efficiently collected, received, duly receipted and recorded and deposited on its depository bank.

Corollary to this, it also ensures that whatever monies, funds or properties which may have come into its possession and control and within its power of disposal shall be paid out, disbursed to applied to items covered by appropriate legislative enactments or resolutions and done in accordance with the established accounting and auditing procedures.

It also seeks to promote the highest degree or personnel efficiency, honesty, integrity and responsibility in accordance with the Constitution and the Code of Conduct of Public Officer and Employees thus making it a part of the larger government institution dedicated and committed to the service of the people within its territorial jurisdiction.

  • To make the province financially self reliant and stable thru the income potentialities of real property taxes and revenues which are the mainstay and lifeblood of the local government unit making taxes and revenues the solid foundation of sound provincial administration.
  • To maintain its effectiveness and efficiency in the collection of revenues from sources covered and allowed by law.
  • To serve as keeper of all funds and properties due the province and to protect such funds and properties from misappropriations and acts of malversation.
  • To set a good example to all LGUs in its efficient administration of funds and properties.
  • To help other LGUs attain their desired goals leading to a more independent and viable local government units.
  • To act as the province’s conduit in all financial transactions whether government or private in nature.
  • To actively participate in the government program and services which aim to improve the socio-economic condition of the people especially the under privileged.

Ms. Adelina M. Martal
Provincial Treasurer
Finance Building
Provincial Compound
Trece Martires City
Tel. No.: (046) 419-3390 loc. 124, 138, 176 & 193, (046) 410-0992